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Pass Plus driver training

Do you want to gain experience and confidence with your driving? With Elf School of Motoring in Birmingham you can book the fantastic Pass Plus course. This is a government scheme you can do after passing your driving test, covering 6 modules over a minimum of 6 hours that are designed to improve your skill and confidence. Book your Pass Plus course with Elf School of Motoring in Birmingham today.

Pass Plus driver training

Over the 6 hour course you will cover:

• Town driving

• Country lane driving

• Night driving

• All weather driving

• Dual carriageways

• Motorway driving

Pass Plus covers:

Pass Plus will help improve your confidence whilst out on the road as it will not only help to improve your hazard awareness, knowledge and skills when driving but it could also prevent you being involved in a serious accident.


As well as this, completing a Pass Plus course can also lower your insurance, especially for younger drivers who can benefit by up to £400.


The Pass Plus course isn't a test and can't be failed, it is just designed to improve everyone's driving ability. For more information, contact us today.

Benefits of doing a Pass Plus course:

Book your Pass Plus course with Elf School of Motoring in Birmingham by calling:

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